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Buy Somax Blasting Hose & Accessories for Different Needs

Posted: Jun 08, 2017 Clicks: 176

Somax Blasting has a large stock and great variety of sandblast nozzles, sandblast hose and sandblast hose couplings for different purposes, needs and requirements. Their design makes them extremely reliable, safe and durable.

Sandblasting Hoses:

- High resistance to abrasion: For work with sand, metal grit, corundum, etc. Abrasive of inner tube 60 mm3 (according to DIN 53516).
- High working pressure: The working pressure is 12 bar, due to the inner reinforcement of two layers of textile cord.
- Antistatic: Prevents electric shock due to the conductivity of its inner tube. Resistance R 1040 hr.
- Light: Due to the use of pure components without loads, lower weights are achieved, making work more comfortable.
- Flexible: Due to the elasticity of the product the radius of bending are much smaller.
- External resistance: Stamped outer cover of antistatic fabric and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Sandblast Hose Couplings:

The sandblast hose couplings of abrasives are of external anchorage by means of screws, providing the security of a good subjection of the same to the hose. For the coupling between hoses, these have claws of a quarter of a turn, ensuring an excellent fit and fixation, and closure with rubber rings achieving a perfect seal in the joints.

Sandblast Nozzle and blasting nozzles Venturi Model with aluminum jacket:

The nozzle or peak of projection constitutes a vital component of the sandblasting equipment. This element fixes the air consumption, the abrasive and the productivity of the equipment. Venturi nozzles provide the highest working performance in the pressure range from 6 to 8 kg / cm. Available models: 5mm., 6mm., 8mm., 10mm., 12mm.


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