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Different Types of Hose Couplings In Surface Treatment Field

Posted: Jun 07, 2017 Clicks: 160

There are many spare parts in the line of sandblast equipment, such as sandblasting machine, abrasive blasting hose, twin line hose, sandblast couplings, Nozzle holders and sandblast nozzles. Any parts are very important for the whole working line. But we will talk about more about sandblasting couplings here. Mostly it can be divided into for items according to its raw material, Aluminum sandblast couplings, Brass Sandblast Couplings, Nylon Sandblast Coupling and Metal Sandblast Coupling.

Sandblast Coupling is a kind of industrial hose quick couplings, there are many types of hose couplings in application of industry. It is a very important connection of two parts of hoses. Usually standard hose length is 50 meters or 100 meters per roll. You have use hose quick couplings to connect with them if your working area exceeds of standard hose coil lengths.


Metal & Nylon Sandblasting Coupling

Somax metal sandblasting coupling is made by precision casting but foundry casting. Its advantage shows smooth surface, exactly inside diameter with sandblast hose and sealing perfectly. Somax Nylon sandblasting coupling is light weight and easy to handle when you have to connect many rolls of sandblast hoses.



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