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High Abrasive SOMAX Nozzles for Sandblasting Project

Posted: Jul 07, 2017 Clicks: 193

Consider what projects or locations you would use SOMAX nozzles for, maybe you don’t apperceive how to buy right sandblast nozzles, here’s some advice about the procurement of Somax nozzles and why you should choose boron carbide nozzle.


SOMAX Nozzle

SOMAX blast nozzles will be fabricated with a huge ambit of materials, such as Tungsten Carbide, Boron Carbide and Ceramic, applicative for altered industries or projects.


Boron carbide nozzle is the hot-selling in Somax Blasting factory, this is one reason why we acclaim boron carbide.

Boron carbide is abundantly acclimated in tools and machine components manufacturing industries. The high abrasion resistance of boron carbide offers its advanced acceptance in accomplishment blasting nozzles thereby provides continued account activity in the automated environment. Owing to the outstanding abrasion attrition and top automated strength, boron carbide is one of the adopted actual for blast nozzle.


Good wear resistance

Manufacturing sandblast nozzles with Boron Carbide (B4C) the third hardest known material in the world. Boron carbide nozzle has a good wear-resistant feature, long life and top performance.


Somax nozzle is acclimated in abrasive blasting and water jet cutting, many studies show that the high abrasion boron carbide nozzle is more durable than the tungsten carbide nozzle.

The best quality leads to Boron Carbide being used in high precision tooling dies and similar engineering components.

Strict quality control system

Connect blast nozzle and hose through hose coupling, assembled and tested in a strict testing mechanism. This is why Somax Blast can guarantee the best blast nozzles for overseas customers.



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