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How To Judge What Kind of Boron Carbide Blast Nozzles You Need

Posted: May 09, 2017 Clicks: 991

Straight Hole Nozzle


Straight hole nozzle has the characteristics of a simple structure, only with the converging section and straight section. However, this kind of blast nozzle also has the problem of the vortex at the entry area, high pressure loss and low outlet velocity, as lower as 50% of Venturi nozzle. Straight hole nozzle is usually used within the sand-blasting machines, which have low spray intensity and narrow closed structure.

Somax BS54 series straight hole nozzle are available with both threaded end connection and flange connection, used in the less required open sandblasting process.


Long Venturi Nozzle


Long venturi nozzle has the structure with the converging section, straight section and diffuser section compared with the straight hole nozzle, it has better function of gas dynamics, strong improvement in vortex, less pressure loss. Under same pressure, the exit velocity of sandblasting materials almost doubles as the speed of voice, resulting in higher momentum of the abrasives, increased impact energy and added effectiveness of cleaning.

SMX BCLV-1 and SMX BCLV-2 Series Boron carbide long venturi nozzle

This boron carbide nozzle series is widely used in sandblasting process with the requirements of long blasting distance, large cleaning area and huge impact.

SMX BCLV-3 Series Double Venturi nozzles consist of two diffusers

Due to the stream of air driven through at high velocity, there exists a negative pressure zone, which draws more air in the nozzle than that provided by the air compressor and reduces the medium velocity when blasting sand. Since the caliber of the double Venturi nozzle is larger than the single one, the size of the abrasive flow will be 35%-40% bigger, resulting in a higher clearing efficiency.

SMX BCLV Series Boron-carbide Double Venturi Nozzles

The angular nozzle is commonly used in the truss and flange back when constructing bridges and towers, as well as in the inner pipeline wall where standard nozzle couldn’t reach. This kind of angle helps lead the abrasive flow and change its direction to clean up the shadow areas. Based on the number of holes, there are three different types: one-hole type, two-hole type and three-hole type. It can also be divided into 45°, 90°, and 135° blasting nozzles according to the angles, which is very suitable for sandblasting cleaning in various constructions and different types of machines. Threaded end connection: SMX BCLV Series 1-1/4″, 11-1/2 N.P.S.M.

Curved Nozzle


The curved nozzle, known as the banana nozzle, is designed to precisely blast into the tight or hard to reach areas, such as some corners within the flange back and pipeline. 40° to 45° curves are the common range for the curved nozzles. The curved nozzles are made of boron carbide or tungsten carbide. Wet spray nozzle is a kind of new blasting nozzle that is developed on the foundation of Double Venturi Nozzles. Wet spray nozzle absorbs water when spraying sands. The water becomes mist, decreasing dusts produced by spraying sands. This process strongly improves the working conditions, which help workers decreasing the possibility of getting pneumoconiosis. 

Spray Nozzles


Wet spray nozzles are widely used in steel structure, concrete, marble, granite and ceramic spraying process. Internal pipe blasting nozzle is a specialized tool to blast the inside of a pipe. It can help effectively blasting the inside of a pipe. It can help to prolong the working life the life with the cleaning grade to Sa 2.5 to 3. Based on the diameter of the pipes, there are different types of pipe inner-wall washing nozzles. 

SOMAX Pipe Blast Nozzle can be applied into the pipes with the diameter range of 20mm-305mm. With the 360°curtain of the abrasives, it could clean all corners of the pipe inner walls. For those pipes with diameters larger than 305mm, high-speed abrasives could be sprayed to de-rust the pipes through two diversions of Venturi nozzles.