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How To Use The High Wear-resistant Sandblasting Rubber Hose

Posted: May 27, 2017 Clicks: 369

Sandblasting hose is mainly used for the plating of the workpiece, between the different parts of the bonding before the processing, casting parts of the burr, cleaning, polishing to remove the surface of the workpiece stains, mechanical parts to increase the application of a wider, but spray Sand tube has its own unique characteristics, but in the product structure of sandblast hose and other hose structure the same, from the outer rubber cover, braided layer, the inner layer of glue composition. General outer layer of fine weather resistance, weaving layer sometimes use steel wire weaving, sometimes use textile cord, the inner glue is generally better wear resistance (determined by the transmission medium).

How to use the high wear-resistant sandblasting hoses,  when we use them what should pay attention to?

1, Do not use more than the maximum temperature withstand pressure, according to the transmission medium, where the work environment to choose the appropriate wear sandblast hose.

2, The new sandblast hose in the pressure will appear the expansion and contraction, so the choice of hose length to stay when the margin.

3, The pressure applied to the sandblasting rubber hose, to uniform pressure to prevent the phenomenon of burst pipe appears.

4, In general use, try to avoid the hose bending less than its minimum bending radius.

5, Somax CQT metal hose coupling can be very good to avoid sandblasting high pressure hose joints wear.

6, the continuity of the requirements of the wear-resistant sandblasting hose assembly, the need to regularly check the wear-resistant sandblasting tube electrostatic discharge and export situation, to avoid damage to the hose due to arc perforation.

7, Do not put sandblasting hose near the open flame.

8, The workers must wear protective equipment before work, Do not bare naked arm work. Working should not be less than two people

9, Checking the loss of sandblasting hose regularly, if inner layer found loss  seriously, the skeleton layer of hose appears, the outer layer of cracking and other phenomena, replace new sandblasting hose in time.


Proper use of sandblasting hose can extend the life cycle of the product, but also try to avoid accidents in the workplace.



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