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Manufacturing All Types of Industrial Hoses and Nozzles - SomaxBlasting

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 Clicks: 225

SomaxBlasting registered In China, a professional Asian company who specializes in sandblasting hose and accessories, especially in sandblasting nozzles. We are a boron carbide & tungsten carbide nozzles manufacturing merchant with an eye on both local and International market.


SomaxBlasting focus on providing a wide range of blasting nozzles for industrial use pipes, our nozzle catalogue also includes waterjet nozzle, angle blast nozzle, curved blast nozzle, fan nozzle, stickup nozzle, venturi nozzle…Somax nozzles can help you work more efficiently and productively, they are important sandblasting parts for sandblasting & blasting cleaning equipment. The quality depends on your target price, and we can custom made sandblasting nozzle with different quality for oversea customers.


Our Core specialization revolves around manufacturing of all types of Industrial hoses and nozzles. Such as Air Hose, Paint Hose, Twin Line Hose, Suction and Discharge Hose, Concrete Pump Rubber Hose, Spray Hose, Sand blasting Hose, Boron Carbide Nozzle, Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, Ceramic Nozzle, Water Jet Nozzle etc…Of course, you also can find different sandblasting parts from our official website, such as nozzle holders, couplings and other accessories. We can provide related services for our clients in order to meet their various business goals.


Different types of nozzles, nozzle holders, couplings and other hose accessories used for various industrial pipes, we are committed to providing all-round close services and quality hose and accessories to all types of Industries (depending on the category of product).


Our products vary from types, sizes and materials, depending on its use. Before the production, we will confirm the details according to the customer's specifications or drawings, and arrange the factory to produce in time. Ensure each step of operation to avoid miscommunication, resulting in damage to the benefits of clients. Mature production process, strict quality control and good communication can save time and money, and provide strong guarantee for our customers to expand the sales market.


With outstanding reputation and thousands of customers in Asia and Global market, we believe we have met a benchmark in sandblasting industry. Our products can make more value and benefits to our customers and reach out their expectation in both high performance and durability.