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The advantage and type of boron carbide sandblast nozzles from Somax Blasting

Posted: May 23, 2017 Clicks: 990

Somax Blasting is a private enterprise found in Qingdao, China. The core business of the company is the sandblast appliances. Somax is a producer of sandblast nozzles of boron carbide and supplies with sandblast equipment, accessories and materials for work with powerful jet: metallurgical металургична slag, steel sand, glass grains, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, etc.

The boron carbide is the third hard material after the diamond and the cubic borob nitride. The sandblast nozzle of boron carbide has excellent work characteristics and a good correlation "price - work life". According to the used sandblast materials, their time of usage can be from 1000 to 1200 work hours. The hardiness of the boron carbide nozzles is higher than those of silicon carbide 8 to 10 times; the corundum ones - to 16 times, the wolfram about 34 times, and those made of steel and tempered iron - over 100 times.

Due to the extraordinary hardiness of the material, even when aggressive abrasives are used, the boron carbide nozzles have the following advantages compared for example to those of the wolfram:


  • Very long work life - 3 to 25 times longer life depending to the jet materials that are used;
  • Lower exploitation expenses - about 3 times lower when the most aggressive jet materials are used. The usage of boron carbide instead of wolfram carbide allows the saving of $800 for 1000 work hours. (in each point if the operations!!!);
  • Easier support - less changes, leading to less time lost for those changes;
  • Easier manual operations - the nozzles of Boron carbide decrease the hardness of the operator, as they are 5 times lighter than those of wolfram carbide.

The standard gamma of products of SOMAX Blasting is made of over 100 types of nozzles of boron carbide with the following sizes - diameter on the outlet from 4 to 15 mm and width from 20 to 220 mm - and the following varieties:

  • Normal nozzles /width straight outlet/ and Venturi outlets; leading sandblast nozzles;
  • High productive venturi nozzles with a standard outlet and wide orifice;
  • Nozzles with a direct hose connection, nozzles with a flank intended for use with a holder through attaching, nozzles with a screw;
  • Nozzles for use in cabins, rooms and outdoors;
  • Nozzles in a steel or aluminum cover;
  • Standard nozzles and special nozzles /including angular nozzles 20 and 40 degrees, fish-tail - with a conical in income and flat outgoing orifice, jet heads with 4 side orifices, suitable for inside work on pipes.
  • Special elements for outer jet processing of pipes in an inner diameter from 5 to 300 mm and from 200 to 900 mm.

Additionally, Somax Blasting offers custom-made sandblasting nozzles using the drawings of the customer, which provides the ability for the company to supply every needed type of nozzle for each present-day trademark for sandblast appliances on the market.

Where there is Nozzle, There is SOMAX”

The list of our satisfied customers includes sandblast appliances producers and companies from Germany, France, Swizerland, Netherlands, Great Britain and other European countries, which have used our quality production for many years. Now our customer base also includes Turkey, UAE, Bahrein and India.