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What is Abrasive Blasting Nozzles

Posted: Jun 13, 2017 Clicks: 174

Abrasive blasting nozzles are an essential element of surface cleaning plants that directly form an abrasive jet.

Abrasive blasting nozzles are manufactured with an insert of tungsten carbide or boron carbide hard alloys, or silicon carbide, the outer of the blast nozzle is  urethane, rubber shell and aluminum jacket

Fields of use:

Shipbuilding - for cleaning before painting; 
Machine building - for cleaning castings and welds; 
For cleaning oil, gas pipelines before painting. 
The nomenclature of let out production 

Range of dimensions of produced nozzles

Critical diameter from 6.5 to 12.5 (mm); 
Diameter of the inlet from 25 to 32 (mm); 
Height of the nozzle from 85 to 205 (mm). 

The main factors influencing the correct choice of an abrasive jet nozzle:

Material (steel, concrete, etc.) and dimensions (flat surfaces, or prefabricated structures of pipes or profiles) of the surface to be treated; 
Condition of the surface before treatment (corrosion, scale, old paint, etc.); 
The material and particle size of the abrasive used; 
Quality of cleaning or surface cleanliness after treatment (Sa3, Sa2½, Sa2, etc.) 
Working conditions (hard-to-reach, easily accessible places); 
Air consumption (m³ / h).



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