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What is the use of blasting machines

Posted: Feb 23, 2017 Clicks: 5067

Flow chart - most importantly, on what takes your attention master sandblasting, before you start work.


Technological card is a document which is made specifically for each object on the basis of its technical characteristics, and contains rules for the use of the equipment.


For example, abrasive cleaning facades flow chart can contain the following items:

  • During the blasting of surfaces of fronts mud layer is removed with their own hands with a dry abrasive mixture, which is supplied under pressure from special equipment;
  • As the abrasive used sifted sand with humidity indicator, not exceeding 2%. The size of holes in the device for sieving sand may be from 1 to 1.2 mm;
  • Air under pressure is supplied through a hose from the compressor unit in sandblasting machine, which takes place in a tank with its compound weight abrasive;
  • Further, the compound is blown into the machine gun, and with the help of high pressure is supplied to the work surface;
  • To avoid damage to the facade, it is not recommended to apply the operating pressure in excess of 4 atmospheres;
  • Moreover, if by cleaning the facades of the first three floors, the rate of the compressor pressure gauge should show 3 atm;
  • During abrasive machining nozzle for sandblasting abrasive cleaning of the surface is deformed under the influence of sand, the flow of the working diameter of 1.5-2 hours can be half the nominal index;
  • As a result, the pressure drop due to reduced productivity. This rapid flow of components required to blast nozzle was replaced in a timely manner;
  • Upon completion of blasting with the treated surface is removed by blowing it with air, the remains of sand and dust.


Features blast cleaning varied. As the industry regularly to invent new materials and there is a need in the treatment of new surfaces, abrasive manufacturers equipment and materials necessary to continuously improve its technologies and equipment.

cleaning of metal blanks of scale , old paint, rust and other contaminants

degreasing of metal billets prior to painting, thermal spraying , electroplating and so on. n. operations

cleaning valves electronic devices before assembly and balloon pumping

decorative glass frosting

creating decorative "rough" surface


Recently blasting is often used to create surface roughness. When cleaning and repairing old masonry preserved decorative appearance, and new wood surface by means of air and sand can be purchased as the effect of "old", "worn" look.


Historically, sandblasted used ordinary sand, washed and screened to a uniform fractions . Silicate dust from crushing the grains of sand on the surface to be treated, - the cause of an occupational disease - silicosis. Therefore, sandblasted in stationary conditions required effective hood and ventilation, under construction - the wearing of respirators .


Sandblasting is used in various industries, instrument, reinforcement, automotive, metals, automotive and others.


The demand and popularity of sandblasting explained safety and ease of cleaning process. This technology is used in various industries:

1. To clean metal surfaces (tanks, pipes) in the petrochemical industry and mechanical engineering. After treatment, surface protective coatings are applied, which greatly extends the service life.

2. For processing facades before application of finishing materials for their purification from traces of paint or whitewash, and for the purpose of disinfection.

3. For treatment of wood and glass surfaces.

4. For processing of hydraulic structures, buildings, bridges and road equipment.

5. Cost of services


In addition to the sand as an abrasive used is steel shot, glass beads, corundum powder, and other synthetic abrasives.


Modern technology sandblasting using the following technologies:

Purification gazodinamicheskoj dispersal of abrasive in the jet stream to a speed of 300 m / s

jetting a water stream with a different pressure (100 to 7500 bar)

water jet stream cleaning water with varying pressures bearing a abrasive and / or inhibitor

cleaning with dry ice


All modern paints require mandatory abrasive surface treatment to give it roughness and removal of contaminants. Sandblasting coating prolongs the service to six times, allowing significant savings in capital and current repairs of steel structures.


This treatment is used for the surface preparation of the material before further processing by different anti-corrosion and decorative protective coatings. With the help of this technology removes old paint, rust and plotted drawings and inscriptions, glass matting, create a decorative pattern on the surface of the product is restored, degreased metal blank before painting, as well as create a decorative "roughness" of the surface.


In modern construction method blast effects are rough surfaces. With this technology it is possible to maintain a decorative appearance during repair and cleaning of masonry and wooden surfaces attached to the effect of "old" worn-out look. The use of this treatment can prolong the life of the products by almost 6 times.