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How to choose suitable sandblasting hose

Posted: Feb 23, 2017 Clicks: 6457

From sandblasting to choose the right hose is directly dependent on the speed and quality of sandblasting and abrasive consumption.

We recommend that you select the sandblasting hose from a trusted manufacturer. Cheap sandblasting hose can be of questionable quality, and its service life can be 4-10 times lower than that of a good abrasive wear sleeves.

Life time

Wear abrasive blasting sleeve inside leads to the loss of pressure during transport of air-abrasive mixture, as a consequence of reduced cleaning rate and increased consumption of abrasive material. Therefore, the savings on sandblasting hose price may be questionable and lead to higher costs in the production of sandblasting works.

Periodically check the pressure loss in front of the nozzle using a special gauge needle. By reducing the pressure of 1 bar or more, compared with a new sleeve, it recommended replacement. Use a hose to the gusts of the state is unsafe and economically unfeasible.

How to choose the size and diameter?


The diameter of the blasting / shot blasting hose should be 3-4 times larger than the internal diameter of the blasting nozzle. This will avoid loss of pressure, speed reduction blasting abrasive and cost overruns.

I do not recommend you to choose the blasting hose with a stock length. If the works are assumed in the vicinity of the sandblaster, it is best to choose a small sandblasting hose length (10-20 meters). The excessive length of the blast hose will lead to pressure loss and senseless unnecessary wear of the inner surface.

If the works are removed, it is necessary to choose the 40-meter or 60-meter blasting hose and try to avoid them as much as possible connections with each other, as this leads to a loss of pressure. In the case of the use of arms neobimosti over 60 meters must use safety cables in the ground connection hoses.

Do not buy the sandblasting hose with plenty of length, as abrasive blasting hose is too long will lead to the loss of pressure and a rapid deterioration of the sleeve material. If you have to work at a small distance from the blasting installation, it is enough hose 10-20 meters. If the work area greatly removed from the blast installation, you should choose a forty-meter hose. Interconnect two hose twenty meters is highly undesirable, since such a compound results in a pressure loss and deterioration in quality. The main enemy of performance sandblasting works - it is the joints in the sandblasting hose, high pressure.

1.    The inner diameter of the sleeve must be greater than the throughput capacity of the nozzle 3-4 times.
2.    Selecting the blast hose with a double or four-seal, it depends on the type of work performed.
3.    Cut the sleeves should be made exactly the right angle.
4.    To analyze the operating pressure of the device before the acquisition of the sleeve. It prohibited the use of sleeves in excess of allowable values.
5.    All hoses must be fitted with safety ropes from corrosion-resistant steel braiding and spring-loaded terminal to the coupling loops.

In practice, often used abrasive hoses with too small internal diameter. The main rule is that the inner diameter of the sleeve should be 3-4 times higher through put holes on sandblasting nozzle.

Sandblast hose for supply of air from the compressor to the sandblasting unit must have a sufficient inside diameter.

When purchasing a sandblasting hose, you have to understand that it is not necessary to save, because here it is necessary to use a hose with an inner diameter as large as possible. The pipeline for the air supply may not be large enough. The larger internal diameter of the blasting hose, the less friction loss.

The loss from the friction of only 0.1 atm sleeves system leads to capacity reduction of 2 per cent. The loss from the friction of 1 atm is already capacity reduction of 20 per cent.

Our sleeves are characterized by high strength. Used in their manufacture of high quality materials with the addition of special polymers that promotes slower wear products.

Sandblasting sleeve can be used in cleaning or grit blasting, and supply mortars. After the abrasive sleeve you can supply plaster, cement, plaster, as well as through concrete pump hoses.

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