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Longer life & Low Cost of Nozzle Holders From Somax

Posted: Nov 10, 2017 Clicks: 1480

Whatever type of nozzles you choose, its quality is our first consideration. The quality control procedures ensure that both incoming materials and outgoing orders are routinely checked to ensure they meet rigorous quality standards. We can also adapt our manufacturing processes to meet the precise demands of recognised standards in many other industries around the world. SomaxBlasting now also offer a range of specialist products including Nozzle Holders, Blast Hose Couplings, King Nipple, Hose Menders, Whip check Safety Cable, Rubber Gasket and Safety Clip. These sand blasting hose fittings are featured on our official website – Send us an email for further information.


When considering where and how to install blast nozzles, you should consider nozzle protection, servicing requirements, nozzle flow control and particularly adjustability to make sandblasting & cleaning work effectively. Nozzle holder is an important part for sand blasting, nozzle holder attaches to the end of a blast hose and holds a contractor-thread blast nozzle. The material of nozzle holder includes aluminum, brass and Nylon.


Types of Nozzle Holders


  • NH Nozzle Holder
  • NHP Nozzle Holder
  • HEP Nozzle Holder
  • Full Port 50mm Nozzle Holder


The sandblasting hose must keep the incision clean. Install the screw on the nozzle holder to ensure firm. These screws penetrate the outer wall, and avoid to breaking the inner wall of the sandblasting tube. In operation, the air pressure in the blast hose helps to firmly hold the position of the nozzle holder.


A nozzle washer must be placed on the shoulder inside the nozzle holder to prevent premature wear and failure, of both the holder and the nozzle, from high speed abrasive.


A variety of nozzle holders are available on SomaxBlasting, position and allow adjustment of both flanged and threaded nozzles with a variety of pipe connections. Different materials and sizes you can choose for your sandblast hoses and nozzles direct from our factory, longer life and low cost!