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Are You Looking For Air Blast Hose And Nozzle From Chinese Market?

Posted: Dec 20, 2017 Clicks: 1590

Over 10 years experience in sandblast hoses and nozzles manufacturing, SomaxBlasting provides high quality products to help many customers develop their projects. In today’s competitive business environment, the mature supply chain helps companies to stay ahead of the competition by offering excellent sandblasting parts to the consumer.


Our sandblasting parts include sandblasting hoses, blast nozzles, hose couplings, nozzle holders, king nipple, hose mender, rubber gasket, safety clip as well as whip check safety cable. SOMAX also focuses on OEM services, so that clients can get sandblasting accessories with different sizes to meet the demand of different industrial applications. We can manufacture and develop sandblast hoses and nozzles for the sandblasting & cleaning jobs that can have help sandblasters work effectively and quickly.


The blast hose includes 1 braid blasting hose, 2 ply blasting hose and 4 ply sandblast hose, constructed in three layers: an inner wearing lining, a conductive layer and an outer wrapping. How and Where to select quality abrasive blasting hoses is important for blasters, we are glad that you make a best solution for sandblasting equipment from Somax.


The air compressor hose is an important part of the whole compressor system, which can carry out the sandblasting through effective conduction medium. Blasting is the process where small angular or spherical particles are propelled at a part by compressed air, or mechanical high speed rotating wheels or water pumps. Compressor air hoses are built for heavy duty applications, such as sand blasting. The size range of hose covers from 19mm to 25mm.


SOMAX is engaged in the manufacture of air blasting system hoses, including sandblasting hose, air hose, twin line welding hose, sand suction and discharge hose, concrete pump rubber hose. The air blast hose goes through strict quality control and performance detection to ensure that the customers receive industrial rubber hoses that are of good quality. Our company is committed to providing rubber hoses that are affordable and long-lasting to oversea customers, therefore, we are confident to be your reliable partner in Chinese market.


When choose Air Blast Hose & Nozzle you should consider hose size, air pressure, and price, SomaxBlasting is a professional factory that is based in China, since the establishment of the company, we have been manufacturing sandblasting hose, paint hose, air hose, twin line hose, suction and discharge hose and concrete pump hose. Send us an Email (sales@somaxblasting.com) or Call us right now if you want to know more about SOMAX products & services!