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angle nozzles

Angle Blast Nozzles

The angle nozzle is commonly used in the truss and flange back when constructing bridges and towers, as well as in the inner pipeline wall where standard nozzle could not reach. This kind of angle helps lead the abrasive flow and change its direction to clean up the shadow areas.

Based on the number of holes, there are three different types: one-hole type, two-hole type and three-hole type. It can also be divided into 45°, 90°, and 135°nozzles according to the angles, which is very suitable for sandblasting cleaning in various constructions and different types of machines.

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Angle Nozzles Type ABC are used for getting inside tight or hard to reach places like corners, behind flanges or inside pipes. ABC type angle nozzles are compact and shoot out the abrasive at 45° angles. Made from boron carbide (В4С).Fits thread 2" (50mm)  

ABC­-5.0­-1 Angle nozzles, bore 1х45°


angle blast nozzles

ABC- 6.5-­1  Angle nozzles, bore 1х45°

ABC­-8.0­-1  Angle nozzles, bore1х45°

ABC­-9.5­-1  Angle nozzles, bore 1х45°

ABC­-5.0­-2  Angle nozzles, bore2x45°

ABC­-6.5-­2  Angle nozzles, bore 2x45°

ABC-­8.0-­2  Angle nozzles, bore 2x45°

ABC­-9.5-­2  Angle nozzles, bore 2x45°

ABC-5.0­-3  Angle nozzles, bore 3x45°

ABC­-6.5­-3  Angle nozzles, bore 3x45°

ABC­-8.0­-3  Angle nozzles, bore 3x45°

ABC­-9.5­-3  Angle nozzles, bore 3x45°

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