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Boron carbide banana nozzle

BBC Type Bending Nozzles

The bending/curved nozzle, known as the banana nozzle, designed to precisely blast into the tight or hard to reach areas, such as some corners within the flange back and pipeline.


40° to 45° curves are the common range for the curved nozzles. The bending nozzles are made of boron carbide or tungsten carbide.

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Boron Carbide Bending Nozzles


Bending nozzles (banana nozzles) used for getting inside tight or hard to reach places like corners, behind flanges or inside pipes. BBC type bending nozzles are compact and shoot out the abrasive at 45° angles. Made from boron carbide (В4С). Fits thread 2" (50mm) aluminum contractor thread and jacket, Polyurethane protector.

BBC-9.5 Bending nozzle, angle 450, 9.5mm x 125mm

curved nozzles

BBC-11.0 Bending nozzle, angle 450, 11.0mm x 125mm

BBC-12.5 Bending nozzle, angle 450, 12.5mm x 125mm

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