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internal pipe blast nozzle 360°

Pipe Blast Nozzle 360°

Somax blasting supplies pipe blast nozzles for internal pipe blasting equipment, there are two types of pipe blast nozzles (long & short) available in our warehouse.


Need different types of sandblasting nozzles for your blasting & cleaning equipment?  Welcome to contact us right now!

Tags: Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

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Tungsten Carbide Pipe Blast Nozzle with Aluminum Jacket


Internal pipe blasting nozzles type PBN-360° are designed to blast clean the interior of pipes ranging in size from 2" to 5" I.D. (50mm bis 125mm).

The nozzle connected an abrasive blast machine in place of a standard nozzle. In operation, the PBN-360° nozzle directs the air/abrasive mixture at a deflection tip.

This tip causes the blast pattern to fan out into a wide, circular pattern, which cleans the inside of the pipe as the nozzle is passed through.

Made from tungsten carbide (TC). Fits all Somax nozzle holders.


PBN-360°   Length:91mm
PBNL-360°  Length:200mm

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